Make Journey to Makkah Perfect by staying in Luxury hotels in Makkah

Every child grows up by listening and understanding life of Prophet (PBUH). His life stories made them more familiar with the beautiful city Makkah. Automatically they start dreaming about the visit to Makkah.  Well a journey or a trip to Makkah can be exciting, peaceful, hectic, and all of it makes it more memorable. Most of the people visit the city for the sake of Umrah or Hajj. I would recommend, extend your stay in the city and explore it. Enjoy the stay, visit more places, sit in front of Kaaba while praying, and enjoy the breathtaking view of the city. That place has a certain energy which doesn’t let you return. There is a peaceful environment with no worries, it seems like that your creator is only attentive to you and he is writing down your wishes to fulfill them. On a first glance you won’t believe on your eyes that you are present there for real. The long list of wishes you have made will blow away and it would feel like that this was the only wish of your life.

The feeling of looking at Kaaba is amazing and words won’t be enough to explain it. It is like gaining energy from it just like our solar system. As of being grown up with the stories of Prophet’s life we feel a connection to that place. A birthplace of Muhammad (PBUH) reminds us the childhood of him. He has loved this city, even his life was made hell by the people out there still he didn’t left it until he was threatened to kill. The city is much more then it was in history. It is now a developed country attracting tourists towards it. Saudi government is expanding the Grand Mosque and several hotels have been built around, giving an amazing view of Kaaba through the room window.

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