Popcorn boxes

Popcorn are the favorite and likable item eaten by all the people of all ages. People love to eat popcorn while watching their favorite shows, movies, cartoons, sports match etc. these are likely to be eaten on every place like in parks, cinemas, malls, stadium, bus stations and even in homes. Popcorn  are used as a snack in evening and delicious food of kids after playing. Popcorn boxes are great way to hold these popcorn in more efficient and reliable way. These boxes are made strong to hold these tiny products in more efficient and functional way.

These boxes are made flat and in such a structural way which support the assembling. Popcorn boxes are made with variety of different materials like cardboard, plastic, paper or corrugated sheet.

Cardboard boxes — it is the most common use box for the holding of popcorn. In market point of view these boxes are considered best for the selling of popcorn. This packing is considered more strong , recyclable, reusable but light in weight.

Corrugated boxes — these boxes are in brown organic color naturally. These are also strong, water proof, stylish boxes which can be recycled and reused. These boxes also gives you the option to be customized according to your style.

Paper boxes — these are most common boxes, light in weight, disposable, reliable and also looks trendy. These boxes also gives you the option of customization. Although paper is water absorbing material but lamination on it make it water proof.

Plastic boxes — these are also reusable boxes. These boxes are used for special purposes like to make your occasion more delightful, to present your brand , for marketing etc. these boxes are available in clear and textured both forms. These boxes are more reusable and longtime boxes in this category as compare to above three but these are not much common as compare to above three.

All these boxes are made available in custom popcorn boxes option. In addition to size and shape their style also vary. To make your boxes more attractive printing is applied on them. These boxes when come in the printing of famous cartoon character surely attract more to children. Pictures of famous persons or actors also play vital role in selling of these items. Shiny or greasy looks also attract more especially when you have to sell them in parks or in open areas.

These boxes are either made naked or with the op cover lid. Handles and loops are also sometime attached to them to make handling easy. These boxes saves the product from harsh eco conditions.

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